lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

Favorite Instagram Accounts ♡

Hi sweeties ♡
In this update I wanna share with you the cutest people that I like to follow on Instagram.
Lately I've liked using a lot this network and discover beautiful accounts that are worth seeing.

I'll show you a considerable amount and variety of accounts.
If you don't have an Instagram account I advise you that sign up, is very fun to explore, upload your own photos and be creative to decorate.

Click on each photo to go to IG account.

✧ Cosplay

✧ Outfits and cute stuff.


✧ Living Doll

✧ V/Blogger


✧ Plus

I hope you enjoy visiting all the accounts and fall in love with all the girls. Stay cute, XOXO!

6 comentarios:

  1. gracias por incluirme penny linda! hay ig que jamás había visto! se ve que te atrae mucho el himekaji y el cosplay ♥ y tambien hay varios ig que son mis preferidos ♥

  2. Gracias preciosa ♥ Conozco a casi todas que pusiste e igual las sigo, una que otra no me gusta mucho o no me llaman ><

  3. Oh! Liss y Sandra ♥ Cominica y Baby ♥
    Son cuentas bellisimas c:

  4. A lot of cute girls ; ; <3
    I only follow Vivekatt, but I knew some of them.
    Thank you for share!