martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

Cute Egg Print Sweatshirt, Dresslink.

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to finally write this entry, this is the last item that I received from Dresslink. If you want to read the post about the other products just click here: Polka Dot T-shirt & Antique Clock Bag.

As I had said before, the package took too long to arrive, but it was not the fault of the store, the package was detained three weeks in the post office in Mexico. It was very frustrating.

The last item I ordered is this sweatshirt with an amazing print of fried eggs! As you know this kind of prints and accessories are very popular lately, to me it seems so cute and funny.
The fabric of the sweatshirt is fresh but definitely isn't for this summer season. I used it in the morning and only a couple of hours, so I had no problem. 

When it arrived, the prints were glued and a couple of eggs were damaged but it was nothing serious. However I think is a good design and the quality isn't bad.
The shirt is available only in one size, and I feel it small, I'm thin so is not a big deal but if the sleeves were longer, it would be better.

How I tell you in my last entry:
"Prices are very good, they're low and everything is of excellent quality, but what doesn't convince me is the price of shipping. I find it very expensive. What would be a good idea for you is to order products in a group, with friends, to distribute the cost of shipping and don't pay too much."

I really love this little photoshoot and I hope you like it too, how you would use this sweatshirt? 

(Click on image)

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  1. Soy la primera 7u7
    De mis fotos favoritas tuyas, en serio te ves preciosa! *-*

    1. Te ganaste un premio 7u7 hihi. Gracias preciosa Sandra, significa mucho viniendo de ti (/u\)♡

  2. Ooww es tan adorable ♡♡♥ te ves muy linda, y tu peinado es adorable! Como manejas tanto cabello? O:

  3. En vdd en todas tus fotos sales tan adorables :3 ese busito ya me a echo ojitos

  4. Me encanta el outfit *-* te ves super cute! Y esos moñitos te quedan muy bien también <3

  5. Hermoso <3 Estoy deseando hacerme con alguna prenda con este dibujo de cute eggs <3

  6. te ves hermosa!! me encantaron todas tus fotos -u-

  7. Me encantó el outfit y tus fotos!!! Ohmmm ♥