lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Review: Vassen Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue, LensFlavors.

¡Happy october! 
Sorry for the inactivity but finally the exam season is endend and I'm almost free haha.
Are you excited for Halloween? I do! And I have some surprises for you.

For this update I wanna show you my new lenses from the store Lens Flavors.
I really want to share my experience because they're my firsts with prescription and the color is so flashy!
The store contacted me three months ago for a collaboration, and the package took six weeks to arrive, It's more than I expected but I thought isn't the fault of the store. Fortunately all the orders have a tracking number and FREE SHIPPING.

The store sent me a pair of velcros for the hair and a free macaron case for the lenses, I love it! Is adorable! image 

I ordered with the prescription Left: 1.50 and Right: 1.75.

Brand: Vassen
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 42%
Disposable: 1 year
Country of origin: South Korea 

The design is amazing, beautiful, I really like the color combination. The enlarger effect is also very remarkable and best of all is that even from distance the color is noticeable.

I have a lot of simple lenses and I need it a pair with a striking color, and these are perfect!

Despite the prescription, the lenses are very comfortable and my vision is a little better with them, but not compared to my glasses. I still think that it's great you can order the prescription for free.

What do you think? You guys would use them? For more information about prices and other product in the store, I leave the link to the page of my lenses if you are interested in acquiring them. Lens Flavors is a great shop, and 100% recommended.
Don't forget the free shipping!

(Click on image)

I hope you liked the review, and leave your comments about these circle lenses, I wish you spend a nice week and we read each other in the next. XOXO! 

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  1. El color es preciosoooooo! Se te ven muy lindas 7u7

  2. * - * que lindas te quedan, el modelo es super lindo !!!

  3. El diseño es precioso y tú eres tan cute */////*