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Review: DollyEye Flower Pink, LensVillage.

¡Happy weekend!
It has been a busy week, between classes and make content for the blog, the days are going like water. What do you you've done?

Today I'm so happy to show you these amazing lenses from the store Lens Village. I was very excited when they contacted me to propose a collaboration. The service was so friendly and I had no problem with ordering my contact lenses.
The only thing I emphasize is that I didn't have a tracking number, and the package took six weeks to arrive. As a collaboration I didn't pay much attention to that fact but don't worry, for buyers every order comes with a tracking number 

Lately, it takes me longer to choose the lenses I want, and although I have a pink, I fall in love with this model. As usual, the CL come protected in bubble wrap and, for sure, a beautiful case image

Brand: EOS/Dueba
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 55%
Disposable: 1 year
Country of origin: South Korea 

I ordered plano prescription because I'm afraid that they are uncomfortable or they send me a different graduation. But if you wear prescription lenses, here in Lens Village you can order them.

And the best and cutest part! The free and beautiful animal case, is so adorable, I'm so happy with it image

Here's how they look before and after removing them from the little bottles, on the left is accommodated on the correct side and therefore the details are more noticeable. By contrast, on the right the lens is turned and looks very dim.

A beautiful and perfect flowers *O* The design and color is awesome! The enlarger effect is also very remarkable and best of all is that even from distance the color is noticeable.

I didn't expect these lenses were highlight for the pink color but I was wrong, they are so wow, I love them!

What do you think? You guys would use them? For more information about prices and other product in the store, I leave the link to the page of my lenses if you are interested in acquiring them. Lens Village is a great shop, and 100% recommended.

(Click on image)

I hope you liked the review, and leave your comments about these circle lenses, and I let you know that my photos are inspired by Lissette Sujuelfish, she's adorable and this type of photos remind me her.I wish you spend a nice weekend and we read each other in the next. XOXO!

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  1. So rosas y el diseño es adorable! Te quedan muy lindas con esa peluca ♡ se pueden pedir graduados?

  2. Ohmmm los amé!!!
    Son realmente adorables <3 y se te ven muy bien!!! :D
    que bueno que se puede con graduación!!! oh oh oh oh <3 me pediré uno... Saludos hermosa penny ;)

  3. omg!!! You look so perfect!!! *O* Im looking for a pink circle lenses and this are so pretty -u- <3

  4. Te ves preciosa y se te ven hermosos!

  5. ¡Son hermosos! Y el diseño es super lindo ♥

  6. Ohh! so cute, i like it i want some with that color
    and the case cute too

  7. Que hermosos son *3* tienen forma de florecita.


  8. Cuánto rosa! Se ven súper adorables *-*