lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

Elegant Grid Dress, Twinkledeals.

Hello everyone! My first time with this type of entry, more pictures than words haha. 
In this update I want to show you my new amazing dress from the store Twinkledeals, Luisa is the person who contact me 
to ask if I was interested in a collaboration, and of course I accepted.

I didn't know what kind of product would be nice to ordered, and when I saw this dress, I fell in love immediately. I ordered it in medium size because it was the smallest available, the size is fine even when the waist part is a little big for me that's the reason why I added the belt.

The design is lovely, so elegant and cute, I really love the combination of black and white. The fabric is a little thin but not transparent, is perfect for spring or autumn. I was surprised about the quality, is great, and the seams are very good. I didn't find a loose thread or bad stitching. The Peter Pan collar and the pearls buttons are the adorable points of this dress.

Luisa was very nice helping me make my order and answered all my questions, the order took exactly one month to arrive and for me was an excellent time to wait.
I have two more items to show you from this store so please, don't miss the next entry and let me know what do you think about this dress. Do you like it? Would you like to use it? 

(Click on image)

9 comentarios:

  1. Que linda te ves ♥ y es cierto, el vestido tiene un diseño muy elegante pero casual. Me encanta como se ve también el fondo, ¡encaja perfecto!
    No sé si lo usaría, casi no soy de estampados y cosas así, pero enserio me fascinó.

  2. Te amo *^* Te ves totalmente preciosa! El vestido te queda hermoso c:

  3. Que bonito vestido, ahorita me estoy dando una vuelta por la tienda
    no la conocia, se parece un poco a dresslink
    saludos penny ♥

  4. Es de verdad un vestido adrable, y no parece que la tela sea tan delgada :9 creí que sería abrigador jaja ♥
    Sales bellisima c:

    Las Alas de Anne-Sophie

  5. Que bonito vestido y las tomas !
    ( *U*) ♥

  6. te queda precioso ese vestido *O* <3 ire a checar esa tienda -u-

  7. Te ves genial con ese vestido *-* y las fotos están geniales

  8. Te ves tan hermosa y tienes unas piernas super lindas *3*