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Princess Pink Lace Blouse, Dresslink.


✧ Princess Pink Lace Blouse 

Happy weekend! I hope you are great this days 
Exam week began, and for the projects, I had not the opportunity to write this entry and I wanted to show this review so much because it's my favorite item on my last order of clothes in Dresslink.
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This is the third item I ordered and is the most beautiful ever!
The quality is very good, and the details are so pretty. I'm in love with the blouse, is like a princess dress. The lace, buttons and sleeves are lovely.

The fabric is fresh and a little thin, so is perfect for summer, but you can wear it with a cute coat.
 I decided just wear a white skirt and I think they don't look bad. What do you think? 
The blouse is available only in one size, is like a medium size, I feel it kind of big for me but is okay. And is available in four colors, pink, beige, white and black.

As I had said before, the package took four weeks to arrive and I had no problem with it.
Prices are very good, they're low and everything is of excellent quality, in this order the price of shipping was low because the items are lightweight. So, all depends the weight and the quantity of items. I hope you liked this post and encourage you to visit the store.

I have one more item to show you but that will be for you, a giveaway is coming, excited? Leave a comment if you want to know what article will be the prize! 

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5 comentarios:

  1. Yes!! It's so pretty!! The lace looks so romantic and cute. I want one in beige :3 but I don't know if it's a good idea, cause in these months the mail could be very sloooow :/

  2. Penny se te ve hermoso el conjunto <3 Pensé que era vestido hasta que lo vi bien jajajaja

    Besos hermosa

  3. esta super bonita, y tu te ves preciosa, siempre he querido pedir algo de dresslink, pero al final me desanimo por los envíos, creo que son algo exagerados. Tal vez despues ahorre un poco mas y pida algo lindo como la playera de cactus de tu otra entrada. p.d ~ ameee el video de la conven <3 eres tan kawaii * - *

  4. Esas prendas te hacen ver muy linda y tierna ♥ además de que te vez hermosa. Pensé que era un vestido hasta que vi el corte, no me lo esperaba, lo combinaste muy bien. Saludos